Market Authority Founder – Steve Sitton

Since 1982, Steve Sitton has owned and operated highly successful Yellow Page and Newspaper Companies operating in 45 US markets. His constant commitment through the years to further motivate his sales representatives and to improve and increase the value of products and services has put his companies on the cutting edge of sales and product technologies.

For 35 years he has facilitated Yellow Page and Newspaper sales trainings and motivational seminars throughout the world to empower publishers and sales representatives. The unprecedented breakthroughs that are offered by Market Authority, Inc. are those that Steve created and perfected to inspire, motivate and energize his own sales teams at Golden State Directories, Pacific West Directories, Utah Yellow Pages and American Directories. Market Authority evolved as an effective method of selling print in the high tech markets of Northern California. Steve and his partner created the sales closing tool of the first hyper-local Directional Media Study in 2007. By 2010, the Study (now the basis of Market Authority’s leading edge research) and its implementation, led to double-digit growth in nearly every one of Golden State Directories’ books in each year from 2007-2010, even in the very tough economy of California.

The approach has evolved into a powerful focus on the ‘Dual Imperative’ of the Directional Media Industry, which is to quickly and powerfully demonstrate the continued value of print as well as to effectively show the growing value of digital advertising. As of February 2014, Steve and senior trainer, Layne Snyder, have trained nearly 13,000 sales people in more than 600 US, Canadian, European, African, Australian and South American markets in the Ideal Customer orientation and the quick and powerful use of the local Directional Media Study. Market Authority, Inc. has perhaps become the world’s authority in the print/digital research arena based upon the more than 425,000 interviews (to date) conducted by the company for its nearly 50 clients.

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The training and study provided a great approach and it's so easy to use. I’ve saved or increased $10,000 in monthly billing since the training!,
Leon - Detroit, MI


It's amazing how well it works. I sold $270,000 in sales last month and most of that was with help from the training.
Gina - MO


The training was just what we needed. I've seen an average 15% on increases, have saved $8000 in monthly revenue accounts, and made two new sales totaling $112,320, all with the help of the Market Authority materials.
Diane - Sacramento



Industry Standards

Market Authority Inc. aligns its practices with the strict codes and standards expressed by ESOMAR and other market research organizations such as the American Marketing Association.

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