Market Authority is a world class leader in sales force empowerment for the advertising industry.  Our specialty is turning market research into effective tools that empower sales teams to close more business.  We serve sales teams of all sizes, from dynamic small groups to billion dollar companies with several thousand people on their sales force.

What makes our research different?

Two words – Availability Bias – the tendency to overvalue the information is easily available and to ignore information that may be more challenging or expensive to obtain.  Availability Biased research in the world of advertising leads to a lower ROI for customers and over time disheartened sales people.

We do the extra work required to get the whole picture of what is really going on in a market.  We have over 600,000 documented interviews examining consumer behavior to discover local search trends, we are the world’s leading authority on how consumers in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia search for local businesses

What makes our programs so effective?

Market Authority focuses on the end user and our end user is the salesperson. Everyone on our core team has years of direct sales experience in advertising so with every chart, graph, script, technique, or piece of data; we are always asking the question, “How will this be used to help close a sale on an appointment?”  After years of doing this we have created a combination of hyper-local targeted research and state of the art sales program that is a proven method to immediately increase revenue.


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Empower Your Team – Increase Your Sales

Without conclusive and independent third-party research, analysis, and training, businesses are making media buying decisions based on inaccurate information. We provide media companies and their sales forces with accurate, irrefutable information about where consumers are looking for local products and services.  Sales people go into each appointment confident in their understanding of the market  

All Markets Are Not the Same

We have studied over 600 markets and we have learned that trends consumer behavior and vary significantly based on demographic and socioeconomic variables. We gather targeted primary research in your market, analyze the resulting data, and deliver accurate reporting on actual local business search behavior. We use this information to train your salespeople so they understand the reality of their local market and can speak with confidence and authority with your clients.





The training and study provided a great approach and it's so easy to use. I’ve saved or increased $10,000 in monthly billing since the training!,
Leon - Detroit, MI


It's amazing how well it works. I sold $270,000 in sales last month and most of that was with help from the training.
Gina - MO


The training was just what we needed. I've seen an average 15% on increases, have saved $8000 in monthly revenue accounts, and made two new sales totaling $112,320, all with the help of the Market Authority materials.
Diane - Sacramento



Industry Standards

Market Authority Inc. aligns its practices with the strict codes and standards expressed by ESOMAR and other market research organizations such as the American Marketing Association.

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