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We offer an impactful and effective group of services in the directional, mobile and creative advertising industries. Our cutting edge research and sales training drive sales growth for new and traditional media companies.

The Market Authority team crafts a unique combination of surgically targeted research and state of the art sales and management training into a proven method that immediately increases revenues. With over 400,000 documented interviews concerning current local business search trends, we are the world’s leading authority on how consumers in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia search for local businesses. Market Authority effectively assists media companies in navigating objections relating to consumer usage of new and traditional media.

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Empower Your Team – Increase Your Sales

Without conclusive and independent third-party research, analysis, and training, businesses are making media buying decisions based on inaccurate information. We provide media companies and their sales forces with accurate, irrefutable information about where consumers are looking for local products and services.

Market Authority dispels the prevalent myth that the web has taken over local business search. Our national and verifiable research suggests that, while the web usage for local business search is growing, in early 2012, printed directories are still the overall monetary leader most cities of the United States. We gather targeted primary research in your market, analyze the resulting data, and deliver accurate reporting on actual local business search behavior. We use this information to train your salespeople on how best to manage the “virus” of mis-perception, the prevalent belief that traditional media no longer works.

Our reports include our primary research data, in addition to conclusive analysis, for immediate, on-the-spot verification and validation of your local market. This information empowers your sales teams, giving them the tools they need to close business and retain advertisers: the truth. Market Authority provides the current truth of your markets.



Eminent Advantage

The Truth...

Dispel the "Internet objection" with irrefutable independent third-party analysis and verifiable data in hand. usage-chart

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The training and study provided a great approach and it's so easy to use. I’ve saved or increased $10,000 in monthly billing since the training!,
Leon - Detroit, MI


It's amazing how well it works. I sold $270,000 in sales last month and most of that was with help from the training.
Gina - MO


The training was just what we needed. I've seen an average 15% on increases, have saved $8000 in monthly revenue accounts, and made two new sales totaling $112,320, all with the help of the Market Authority materials.
Diane - Sacramento



Industry Standards

Market Authority Inc. aligns its practices with the strict codes and standards expressed by ESOMAR and other market research organizations such as the American Marketing Association.

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